About Me

 Hello there! I am Molly, owner of Sweets and Sprouts Bakery.
Baking has been a part of my life since I was big enough to reach the counter, with a
stool of course! My culinary family’s encouragement fueled my love for baking. As a child, I started helping my mother and aunt with desserts for their restaurant.
At 13 years old, on a field trip to Washington D.C. I met a woman who owned and operated a specialty wedding cake bakery. A teacher on the trip bragged to this lady that I had paid for the trip with the sales of my sweets at our school! The baker was curious about my little business and asked to see some pictures. Impressed, she decided to allow me to intern with her!
I learned every job in her bakery, from washing dishes and cleaning, to making batters and icings. I learned customer service, delivery, set up, marketing, etc. I was so lucky to get to learn and practice it all.
When I was 16, I was upgraded to an assistant and was able to learn her amazing cake decorating techniques. I developed my skills and style and decided that I wanted to start my own bakery business. I attended culinary school, fascinated with everything they taught me and soaking up all the information I could.
With my training and a professional education under my belt, I decided to open Sweets and Sprouts to the public. I am now accepting orders of all kinds!
I cannot believe this is my life! I would be happy to bring some sweetness into yours.